Virtual Mailbox Services

DakotaPost's Virtual Mailbox sends you an image of your mail.

Virtual Mailbox feature becomes your personal assistant

Request a scan of the items you wish to see and delete the rest. You never have to deal with another piece of junk mail again.

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save mail items

If you’re like most people, sorting and filing important mail can be time-consuming, especially if you let it pile up. With DakotaPost Virtual Mailbox, you can save mail items or delete and shred them at any time. This makes it easy to find important mail and save important correspondence electronically. Confidentiality is more important than ever. That’s why you’ll love the option to shred unwanted or sensitive mail pieces.

No Pile Up at the post office

Instead of leaving your mail piled up at the post office or in the mailbox, you can have it sent to you when it’s convenient or when you’re back in town. There’s even an option to customize scan requests so you can save the portion of the document that’s relevant to your needs.

Long-Term Virtual Mailbox

$ 239 /year
  • $2.00 PLUS Postage Per Mailing Request
  • $1.00 Per Scan Request + $.50 Per Page


$2.00 PLUS Postage Per Mailing Request
$1.00 Per Scan Request + $.50 Per Page

How To Sign Up


Sign up for your DakotaPost mail forwarding plan, complete the order form to pay your postage deposit and setup fee.


You’ll be directed to a private online portal

where you can access your mail & required forms you’ll need to complete and sign.

The forms include:

- Mail Forwarding Agreement — Includes pricing information. You will fund a postage account for $100.
- Terms & Conditions
- USPS Form 1583 (PDF) with instructions. Form 1583 must be notarized and accompanied by two types of identification for each person on the account.


DakotaPost will review your documents & contact you if any additional information is needed.

Review the User Guide available in your onboarding Client Portal

What to expect

You will receive a "Welcome" email from DakotaPost

It will ask for verification and provide instructions for accessing the Client Portal.