Are you on the go and need your mail right away? DakotaPost has the service for you! We offer virtual mailbox services that will keep you informed about your mail while letting you live your life on the go.


As mail pieces arrive

they are held in your personal mailbox or an exterior image is scanned into a private, virtual mailbox where you can request a scan of the contents, ask for it to be shredded, or have it sent to you.

Whether you are cruising on the Mediterranean or relaxing in an RV in a national park in the U.S., your mail stays accessible in our convenient virtual mail system. When you are ready to review physical copies, just request your mail and  your mail  will be mailed to an address of your choosing. With plans ranging from short-term to long-term options, a virtual mailbox from DakotaPost will provide you with the flexibility to enjoy a quick getaway or a year-long tour.

Virtual Mailbox Service

When you plan on being out-of-touch for a period of time, a virtual mailbox is a necessity for managing bills and important mail. Our virtual mailbox service provides you easy, on-demand access to your mail.

Save Money With Residency Services

Full-time travelers can find a source of stability and economic benefit in establishing residence in South Dakota. From lower car insurance rates to minimal taxes, the Mount Rushmore state is ready to welcome you! DakotaPost can make the path to residency easy.

Traditional Mail Forwarding Services

DakotaPost's traditional mail forwarding service sends your mail and packages to you at regular intervals whether you are relaxing at a winter home, stationed at a military base or enjoying a new “home” address every week. With domestic and international mail forwarding available, you are never too far away!


Spending time on the road is a lifestyle decision, whether you are doing it for work or play. Keeping up with your mail virtually or with traditional mail forwarding services makes it possible to enjoy your travels even more. You can rest easy knowing you are not missing out on important news from financial institutions, governmental agencies or family members with our reliable mail service.

We are here for you!

DakotaPost is ready to assist you with your mail!  We provide both online and traditional options to suit your individual needs. 

Contact us at 1-800-477-2664 or (605)-332-3711 with any questions.