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Short-Term Mail Handling

Mail Forwarding Services

Virtual Mailbox Services

Virtual Mailbox lets you immediately see your physical mail online. Virtual Mailbox will display an exterior image of each piece of mail received in your mailbox. You can decide whether we should shred it, open it and scan the inside of it, delete it, or request to have it mailed to you. This service will give you 24/7 access to your mail online. Virtual Mailbox is completely secure, but still easy to use. Our Client Portal is encrypted, and requires a unique login and password for every customer.

Traditional Mail Forwarding

Our safe and secure mail forwarding service ensures that you’ll receive all of your documents and packages in an efficient and timely manner. Simply sign up for your mail to be received weekly, twice a month, monthly or daily on demand. Plus, our online Client Portal gives you direct access to change your mailing address, request your mail, or update your account information. With a simple mail forwarding agreement, we give you the control.

Residency Services

South Dakota Residency

At DakotaPost, we can help you to obtain residency here in the state of South Dakota. Why would you consider this? There are many perks to having residency in The Mount Rushmore State.

Vehicle Registration Services

To save you money, DakotaPost can help you with your vehicle registration. We make registering your car or RV easy with some of the lowest fees in the nation. And with easy appointment scheduling and an overall simple vehicle registration process, you can get your vehicle registered without wasting time.

Short Term Forwarding Services

Short Term Virtual Mailbox & Traditional Mail Forwarding Services

Looking to explore the country (or beyond) in the coming years? There are more people than ever hitting the road thanks to a cultural work shift towards more remote employees and more freelance individuals. But before you drive, fly, hike, bike, or take a train to a desirable new locale, you first need to figure out your mail. One excellent solution South Dakota short term mail forwarding or virtual mailbox via DakotaPost.

Concierge Services

Are you expecting a particular piece of mail or wondering what mail is in your personal mailbox? If so, DakotaPost offers a Concierge Service that would be great for you. DakotaPost will monitor your personal mailbox for a certain piece of mail that you are expecting. You can also call customer service at any time and ask them to go through the contents of your mailbox with you over the phone. If there is an important piece of mail that you need to see the contents of, we can help with that too. Concierge service also allows for you to have the contents of your mail scanned to you.