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Misc. Partnerships

Dougherty Insurance

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Tower Campground

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  • Year-Round Campground
  • Secure Facilities
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 Silverstone group

  • Medicare Coverage
  • Supplemental Coverage
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Id Shield
  • Identity Protection
  • ID Theft Monitoring
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Additional Links

Interstellar Orchard - Lessons for the full-time RVer.   This site contains some fantastic information for the full-time RVer. 

RoadLessTravelled – Follow long time DakotaPost clients, Mark and Emily Fagan, as they travel the world and dispense invaluable advice to travelers:

RV Driving School - Long time clients George & Valerie Mayleben operate an RV training school: How to Safely Handle Your Motorhome or Trailer - RV Driving School.  George has driven and trained people how to drive everything from a semi, bus to a dump truck and, of course, RVs.  He and his wife, Valerie, started RV Driving School in 1991!  For more info: