Traditional Mail Forwarding Service

Going paperless suits your active life on the road but as hard as you try, you still receive some things in the mail

Collect all

Whether it’s bills, government correspondence, financial statements or even packages, you need someone to collect it all and get it to you since you won’t be home anytime soon. Let DakotaPost be your mailbox agent.

Flexible shipping

Whether you’re touring national parks in your R.V. or sunbathing along the French Riviera, you can rest assured that DakotaPost has your mail covered. Flexible plans mean it will be shipped to you where you’d like it once a month, twice a month, weekly or even daily on demand. DakotaPost uses USPS, FedEx and DHL to ship your mail to you. Thanks to our easy-to-use client portal you can change your shipping address whenever you drop anchor somewhere new.

Is It Easy to Use?

All you do is sign up for your desired DakotaPost mail forwarding plan, fill out a few forms that officially change your mailing address to YOUR unique DakotaPost address, fund a postage account with $100, pay your annual plan fee and pay a $25 activation fee. Then you are all set to receive mail and access the client portal to make changes at any time.

What If I Don’t Want all the Paper?

DakotaPost offers a virtual mailbox service you are going to love. We’ll send you an electronic scan of the outside of any packages and envelopes. You can then direct us to open and send a scan of the contents, forward it to you through traditional carriers, delete it from your mailbox or shred it. It’s the easy way to manage the amount of mail coming your way.

If you’re travelling full-time or part-time, are in the military, or just like to roam, DakotaPost has a solution to keep you connected to your mail.


1x / Month

$ 155 per year

1x / Week

$ 210 per year

Daily Delivery

$ 235 per year

How To Sign Up


Sign up for your DakotaPost mail forwarding plan, complete the order form to pay your postage deposit and setup fee.


You’ll be directed to a private portal

where you can access your mail & required forms you’ll need to complete and sign.

The forms include:

- Mail Forwarding Agreement — Includes pricing information. You will fund a postage account for $100.
- Terms & Conditions
- USPS Form 1583 (PDF) with instructions. Form 1583 must be notarized and accompanied by two types of identification for each person on the account.


DakotaPost will review your documents & contact you if any additional information is needed.

Review the User Guide available in your onboarding Client Portal

What to expect

You will receive a “welcome e-mail” from DakotaPost

It will ask for verification and provide instructions for accessing the Client Portal.


Mail Forwarding

Utilized by full and part time travelers, we have flexible plans designed to meet a variety of needs including: RVers, travelers, international travelers, military personnel, etc. If you are not at one address for long or constantly updating your mailing address, then this is the service for you!

Request Your Mail or Update Your Address

Our newly designed Client Portal gives you the control to update your address and to request your mail. You can also always email or call us with any updates. Simply let us know if the address is a one-time only address or one we should mail to until you let us know differently.

Shipping Confirmation

All mail is sent out with a delivery confirmation. You are free to choose a different service, although we highly recommend utilizing the ability to track your mail (Priority, FedEx or DHL).

additional service FEES

Extra Mailing Request

$5.00 per Occurrence

Package Handling Fee

$1.00 per Package

Special Mailing

(Overnight, 1 Day, International)

$5.00 per Occurrence

First Class Mail Handling Fee

$0.40 per Shipment


Payments can be made on your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

  • You’ll select the plan that works best for you and pay the annual plan fee.
  • Each plan has an activation fee of $25.
  • A $100 deposit will be required into your postage account.