Short Term Virtual Mailbox & Traditional Mail Forwarding Services

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There are more people than ever hitting the road thanks to a cultural work shift towards more remote employees and more freelance individuals. But before you drive, fly, hike, bike, or take a train to a desirable new locale, you first need to figure out your mail. An excellent short term mail solution is DakotaPost’s short term mail forwarding or virtual mailbox.

Why Choose Short Term Mail Forwarding OR Virtual Mailbox

This service is designed for those RVers, remote workers, and travel lovers who need a temporary but not permanent mail forwarding solution. Short term mail forwarding is designed for those who will be gone for three to nine months and what we do during that period is to accept all incoming mail and packages via our South Dakota mailing address, and then send it on to you, wherever you are.

special online Virtual Mailbox

In addition to offering swift physical delivery of personal letters and packages, DakotaPost also offers a special online Virtual Mailbox. Our Virtual Mailbox lets you immediately see your physical mail. Virtual Mailbox will display an exterior image of each piece of mail received in your mailbox in an online space called your Client Portal. That way, you can decide whether we should shred it, send it, or open it and scan the inside of it so you can read your mail online. This service will give you 24/7 access to your mail online, and let us take care of unnecessary advertisements or junk mail for you.

Completely secured

Virtual Mailbox is completely secure, but still simple to use. Our Client Portal is encrypted, and requires a unique login and password for every customer. If you are currently on a traditional mail-forwarding plan, you can keep it the same – with the added bonus of being able to use our Client Portal for immediate access to communications.

Why DakotaPost

Virtual Mailbox is just one of the great tech-forwarded services we offer here at DakotaPost. We are proud to be leaders in this industry as we work hard to ensure our customers get the fast, organized, and quality customer service whatever their mailing needs. Contact us to learn more.


Short Term Virtual Mailbox Services

Short-Term Traditional Mail Forwarding Services

1x / Month

$ 18 per month

1x / Week

$ 25 per month

1x / Daily Delivery

$ 28 per month

How To Sign Up


Sign up for your DakotaPost mail forwarding plan, complete the order form to pay your postage deposit and setup fee.


You’ll be directed to a private portal

where you can access the required forms you’ll need to complete and sign. The forms include:

- Mail Forwarding Agreement — Includes pricing information. You will fund a postage account for $100.
- Terms & Conditions
- USPS Form 1583 (PDF) with instructions. Form 1583 must be notarized and accompanied by two types of identification for each person on the account.


DakotaPost will review your documents & contact you if any additional information is needed.

Review the User Guide available in your onboarding Client Portal

What to expect

You will receive a “Welcome” email from DakotaPost

It will ask for verification and provide instructions for accessing the Client Portal. On your first mailing, you will also receive a DakotaPost ID card imprinted with your mailing address and DakotaPost’s contact information.