Registered Agent Services

Many of our clients own businesses. We have expanded our offerings so that we can help meet your business needs as well.

south dakota is the best to start business

South Dakota is recognized by CNN money as the best state to start a business. Not only do you get the entrepreneurial benefits, but if you’re a South Dakota resident, there are great benefits with that also. Our goal is to help make your business more efficient when it comes to mail and online services, saving you both time and money. Your business will benefit from everything South Dakota and the DakotaPost have to offer.

To learn more about why South Dakota is a great place to start a business visit the South Dakota Secretary of State website or CLICK HERE.

dakotapost services

DakotaPost provides the most affordable and reliable mail service so that you have access to vital documents and messages, no matter where your business takes you. Customers can sign up for traditional mail forwarding service or the virtual mailbox service.

With the virtual mailbox service, you’ll have access to bills, correspondence, and even physical parcels of mail. Everything will be scanned and sent to you. A great benefit of DakotaPost virtual mail service is that once you’ve read your correspondence, you can choose whether to have it stored, so you have the original copies, or have it shredded for privacy reasons.

Once you know you can register your business in the state of South Dakota,

Registered Agent Services: $120

We will help ensure your company is in compliance with the State of South Dakota by supplying you with a registered agent for your business.

How To Get Started

Consult with the state to confirm you can get your business registered in South Dakota.

Sign up for your DakotaPost mail forwarding plan, complete the order form to pay your postage deposit and setup fee.


Sign up for the DakotaPost Registered Agent Plan, $120/annually

Once you've paid your annual fee, DakotaPost will contact you directly with additional information to register with the State of South Dakota.